Dr. Minal Chandra

Cofounder & Consultant Pain Specialist

Dr. Minal Chandra

Dr Minal Chandra specializes in Pain management and works as a consultant pain specialist at Epione Center for Pain Relief & Beyond. Dr Minal has worked as a pain specialist in some of the prestigious medical organizations of India. In her stint of 5 years as a pain specialist, she has treated over a 1000 patients with chronic joint pains and had aches successfully. Her dedication & compassion towards treating patients are held in high regard by her fellow pain specialists and she adds a huge value to Epione centre for pain relief & beyond.

Durig her fellowship under Dr Sudheer Dara, a pioneer in pain medicine Dr Minal gained invaluable experience in treating complex cases of chronic pain conditions. Dr Minal’s major areas of interest include chronic joint pains and a multitude of headaches including migraines, cluster headaches etc.. She also specializes in treating a magnitude of complex cases of chronic pain conditions.



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